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Figure skates for competitive athletes and professionals who train on the ice every day or several times a week must be extremely strong as well as perfectly adapted to the requirements of each athlete. For this reason, in this performance class, figure skating boots and blades are purchased separately.

Figure skaters who perform double or triple jumps need very strong and solid skating boots that can withstand all the forces and that provide the foot with sufficient support and stability during landing.

The boots for ice dancers and synchronized skaters, on the other hand, have a flatter shaft than the other models, i.e. they are cut lower at the heel and thus allow the skater more freedom of movement.

Here you can find the perfect figure skating blades. If you are looking for black versions, you will find them in the category „Men's figure skating boots“.

Unsure about the right size? Measure your feet and find the right shoe size here in the table.

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