Off Ice Figure Skating Metal Spinner rosé

Rosé metal spin trainer for figure skaters.

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Off Ice Figure Skating Metal Spinner rosé

The Off Ice Figure Skating Metal Spinner is the standard tool for practicing pirouettes. If the body axis is correct, pirouettes and jumps will also succeed. With the help of this spin trainer, body tension and posture can be trained without any ice surface.

- improves balance, turning, body tension and posture
- can be used on any solid surface

Solid and low-maintenance design made of metal.
diameter: approx. 16 cm
weight: approx. 455g
color: rosé

Note: The metal spinner does not run silently. Due to the friction of the two metal plates on the moving balls in-between, there is a grinding noise and a slight crackling. 

The spinner is designed as a training device, which means that it does not turn by itself. Only through the body weight and the correct lunge / closing movement of the arms, the disc rotates very quickly.

To increase the lifespan of the ball bearings, you can spray some oil, for example WD-40, into it from time to time. 

Protect your spinner from sandy ground.

Made in EU. 

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