Graf „One“ Inline Artistic Frame

Lightweight inline artistic skating frame with three wheels and adjustable stopper.

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Graf „One“ Inline Artistic Frame

Inline Skates for figure skaters …


The GRAF „One“ Inline Artistic Skating Frame allows to perform all figure skating elements (steps, pirouettes, jumps, etc.) even without ice surface.

Therefore it is a great alternative for all figure skaters to continue training in summer. Learning new elements is possible as well as consolidating and improving the elements learned on the ice.

The GRAF „One“ can be mounted on suitable boots, as known from ice skating blades. If you want as little familiarisation as possible, take the same model that you use for ice skating.

Please be aware: An extra pair of boots is required for the inline skates - it is not possible to alternately screw and unscrew the skate blade and inline frame!



Full length video on YouTube: „This is artistic inline skating“.



Everything that is possible on the ice is also possible with the GRAF „One“ Inline Frame …


All steps, pirouettes and jumps that you train on the ice are also possible with inline figure skates. The GRAF frame is designed to allow even tight steps and quick changes of direction.



  • lightweight and durable aluminum frame
  • the wheels are in different heights to imitate the rocker of a figure skating blade
  • suitable for figure skating and ice dancing elements
  • durable, height-adjustable stopper
  • easy maintenance (e.g. replacement of rollers and stoppers)



  • 1 Pair GRAF Aluminium Chassis
  • 6 Axles and axle bolts
  • 6 Wheels GRAF ONE SHR 82A
  • 12 Ball bearings ABEC 9
  • 2 allen wrenchs

Find the right frame size:


Step 1: Measure the sole length of the boot.

Step 2: Select the frame with the measured size or the next smaller size. (For example, if your sole length is 26 cm, then the frame 255 will be the right choice.)


Measure sole length of a shoe


Frame 215mm 225mm 235mm 245mm 255mm 265mm
Wheel size  64mm 68mm 68mm 68mm 68mm 72mm
Boot size Risport / Edea 225-230 235-240 245-250 255-260 265-270 275-280


These boots are suitable for the GRAF Inline frame:


Risport: Electra Light, RF3 Pro, Royal Pro/­Elite/­Exclusive, RF1 Elite/­Exclusive, Dance Elite

Edea: Overture, Chorus, Concerto, Flamenco Ice, Ice Fly, Piano

Jackson: Flex, Elite 5300


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