Guardog Sprinklz™ Ice Skate Guards

Birthday cake scented skate guards in different colors.

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Guardog Sprinklz™ Ice Skate Guards

The „Sprinklz“ blade guards from Guardog not only remind you of colorful sugar sprinkles by their appearance, they also spread the sweet scent of a freshly baked birthday cake.

In addition, the „Sprinklz“ offer the trusted features that have made the Canadian brand Guardog so popular for over 40 years:

The durable construction principle with the tension spring in the middle ensures a perfect fit and makes the blade protectors suitable for almost all blade sizes, because they can be cut to the appropriate length. This tutorial explains How to Cut Skate Guards.

The material made of robust, PVC-free plastic is resistant and suitable for cold temperatures..

One piece of the blade guards is approx. 15 cm long. One guard consists of two parts that are connected with two springs. For blades longer than 30 cm, a gap between the two protector pieces is normal. A gap of up to 1.5 cm is fine.

Package includes: 1 pair
- 2 pieces for front
- 2 pieces for back
- 4 springs incl. screw

Made in Canada!


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