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Guardog ZigZagZ Schlittschuh Kufenschoner

Guardog ZigZagZ Skate Guards

Modern skate guards in a unique design, can be combined individually. 

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Guardog ZigZagZ Skate Guards

ZigZagZ – Skate Guards from Guardog

The name „ZigZagZ“ says it all with the trendy blade protectors from Guardog. The zigzag design is new and unique on the market!

The guards have a wider channel towards the top. Thus, the protectors fit for traditional blades, as well as for blades with a wider aluminum mount (for example Jackson Ultima Matrix blades).

In the front and back the ZigZagZ have a slight curvature, which allows a natural movement when walking with the guards.

Guardog ZigZagZ Skate Guards Kufenschoner


Can be combined as you like!

The ZigZagZ can be combined in two colors or can be worn in one color, just how you like it.


The guards can be cut to the appropriate length by yourself. Instructions for this are included. A large, sharp knife or garden scissors are suitable for cutting. This instruction shows How to Cut Skate Guards.


One piece is about 15 cm long. One guard consists of two pieces, which are connected with two springs. For blades longer than 30 cm, a gap between the two pieces is normal. A gap of up to 1.5 cm is fine.


Guardog ZigZagZ Skate Guards Kufenschoner


Package includes:
4 guard elements (one pair per color)
4 springs incl. screw
Assembly instructions (english and french)


Made in Canada!


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