Original Skate Spinner, turquoise

Lightweight plastic spinner as an alternative to the classic metal spinner.

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Original Skate Spinner, turquoise

„Skate Spinner“ for Figure Skaters

NEW: ♻️ Made from recycled plastic! Therefore, there may be slight colour variations in the material.

The Original Pro Balance Skate Spinner made of lightweight plastic is the modern alternative to the traditional metal rotating disc.

This innovative product makes athletic training more efficient by allowing you to work on your pirouettes and turns even without an ice surface. The Skate Spinner helps to find the center of the body and improve the sense of balance.

This training device was developed in Finland according to the latest scientific findings. It is suitable for figure skaters, dancers and anyone who wants to improve their sense of balance.

The principle: The spinner only rotates when you are properly balanced lengthwise and crosswise. This teaches the athlete to spin more controlled and without moving.


With the Skate Spinner it is possible to practice your turns, figures, jumps and landings anywhere and at any time - without skates, without ice surface.

Together with a trainer, mistakes can be analyzed and corrected very specifically, but also when training in a group or alone at home, the Skate Spinner is extremely useful.

At a competition, you can use the lightweight and portable spinner to warm up and prepare for your run.

  • light and portable
  • easy to transport
  • optimal for off-ice training
  • practical for warming up during competitions
  • suitable for practicing all pirouette variations
Eiskunstlauf Skate Spinner


The figure skating skate spinner must be used on a clean and smooth surface (e.g. sports mat, carpet or laminate).

Color: turquoise
Material: recycled plastic
Weight: approx. 150 g
Dimensions: 23.5 cm x 9 cm (one size fits all)

Made in Finland.

Eiskunstlauf Skate Spinner


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