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How can I pay?

In this overview of the possible payment methods, all options are explained.

How much are the postage costs?

In this overview of the shipping costs, all prices are listed.

To which countries do you ship?

We ship from Germany to all EU countries as well as Switzerland.

Do you deliver to Switzerland as well?

Yes, we also deliver to Switzerland. When shipping to non-EU countries, the net prices are calculated, which means that the German VAT does not have to be paid. (Tax Free Shopping)

However, import costs such as customs duties, taxes and fees may apply. Please check with your federal office beforehand.

What if something does not fit or I do not like it?

Returning an order is no problem. You have a right of withdrawal of 14 days on the items ordered in the online store.

How can I return items?

For returns within Germany, you can use our DHL returns portal at www.eiskunstlauf-shop.de/retoure.

How do I get my money refunded after a return?

Within one week of the arrival and inspection of your return shipment, you will be refunded the amount via the method of your payment.

Who has to pay the shipping costs of a return shipment?

We cover the costs for a return shipment within Germany. The prerequisite for this is the use of our DHL returns portal at www.eiskunstlauf-shop.de/retoure. Returns from abroad have to be made individually and at own expense.

Are the blades already sharpened?

The skates or blades have a simple factory sharpening by the manufacturer. However, it is recommended, especially for ambitious skaters and athletes who train on artistic skating elements, to have a „professional sharpening“ done.

Do you also offer blade sharpening?

Yes, in our store in Dresden we have a modern ProSharp sharpening machine with which we can sharpen figure skating blades. You can find details about it under skate sharpening.

Do you also offer blade mounting?

Yes, of course we can mount the blades on your skates. We charge 10 € per mounting for this service.

Is it possible to order the products only on the internet or do you have a store?

Yes, we have a store in Dresden-Pieschen, where the items from the online store can be tried on and purchased. All info and our opening hours can be found here.

I don't know anything about the sizes. Is there a size chart?

Yes, there is. We have collected the size charts of different manufacturers here.

Should I order skates one size bigger than my usual shoe size?

No, the skates do not need to be ordered one size larger. It is best to take your usual size, which you also have with normal street shoes. For a more accurate selection of the size you need, you can find a detailed size chart here. We also recommend this guide on how to measure your feet properly.

For skates, what does the hardness rating refer to - the blades or the boots?

The degree of hardness refers to the strength of the skating boots. The higher the number, the harder the skate.

What does the degree of hardness say about skates?

The degree of hardness can be used to compare how firm the upper part of an ice skate boot is. The higher the value, the more stable the upper is and the more support the boot offers the athlete.

Are the skates sold as a pair or individually? Some say „set“ for this purpose, but what does it mean?

All skates are sold as a pair of course. The term „set“ refers to the fact that the boots are supplied together with blades. This is because it is common, especially for higher-end skates, for customers to assemble their own combination of skating boots and blades.

Are the blade protectors sold individually or as a pair?

All guards - whether solid or soft soakers - are sold as a pair.

Do you offer quantity discounts?

Yes, we have an attractive bulk pricing model. When you order more than five of the same item, you will automatically get 5 % discount for it. From 10 pieces you save 10 % and from a quantity of 15 we give a whole 15 % discount! You can find all information on the page „Bulk Discounts“.

Is it possible to have an order delivered to a packing station?

Yes, sending to a DHL Packstation is no problem. When ordering, you only have to enter the data of the Packstation instead of the street.

I would like to buy new skate boots. I already have the matching blades. Is it possible to send the blades to you so that you can mount them on new skates?

It is not a problem for us to mount the already existing blades on the new skates. We charge 10 € for the mounting.

Your question is not listed here?
Please write to us, we will be happy to help you.