Besides selling figure skating equipment, we offer the following services for your figure skates:

Skate sharpening

Skate sharpening

We sharpen your blades! In our figure skating store in Dresden we have a modern ProSharp sharpening machine, which allows us to sharpen your skates with precision and accuracy.

The cost of sharpening a pair of skates is 15 €.

Blade mounting

Blade and inline frame mounting

Properly mounted skate blades are essential for precise and safe skating. We will professionally mount the blades on your skate boots.

The cost of the blade mounting is 15 €, if blades or boots were purchased from us.

Skates customize

Schlittschuhe anpassen

Some skate boots are heat moldable and can be fitted to the foot by getting warmed up. This service is free of charge for our customers.

If the skate is too tight and pinches in certain places, we can adjust the skate by bulging. We charge 5 € per pressure point for this.