Schlittschuh Kufen Montage

Skate sharpening

Precision sharpening of your figure skating skates.

Delivery time within Germany: from 15th calendar week
Delivery times to other countries can be found in this overview
Price incl. VAT plus shipping costs (1.00 kg shipping weight)

Shipping from Germany to EU & Switzerland.
Fast and carbon neutral delivery with DHL.
Only 4,90 € shipping costs within Germany.
Free return shipping within Germany!
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Reference: Schlittschuhschliff

Skate sharpening

Skilled service from a professional!

Your figure skates get an accurate radius of hollow, which ensures optimal gliding properties.


Please note that sharpening is not an immediate service, but always requires one business day of work time!


Note for customers who have ordered figure skates including grinding in the webshop:
We point out that in the event of a return, the cost of the sharpening can not be refunded, as this is an individual additional service.

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