SmellWell XL Duftkissen Light Grey
SmellWell XL Duftkissen Light Grey
SmellWell XL Duftkissen Light Grey
SmellWell XL Duftkissen Light Grey

SmellWell XL Freshener Inserts Light Grey

An odor killer for figure skates & co. Absorbs moisture, neutralizes odors.

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SmellWell XL Freshener Inserts Light Grey

SmellWell was developed to provide an effective and easy-to-use solution to a problem that everyone knows: smelly shoes and equipment.


1. help when the ice skates boots smell …

SmellWell consists of two colorful freshener inserts that absorb moisture and bad odor. Just put the pillows in the skates overnight, the next morning they will be dry and smell pleasantly fresh.

The shoe fresheners do not simply mask bad odors - but remove them effectively, because SmellWell absorbs moisture and neutralizes odors.


  • absorbs moisture and removes bad odor
  • keeps skates and equipment fresh throughout the season
  • consists of natural salts and absorbents from renewable materials
  • does not contain biocides of phthalates
  • tested for environmental and consumer safety according to the European Chemicals Regulation REACH
  • lasts up to 6 months
  • easy to use


The freshener inserts have been tested by Olympic participants to amateur athletes under the toughest conditions - they permanently remove the stench and leave a fresh scent.


Effective against stinky shoes!

One of the main components of SmellWell is activated carbon, which has been used for centuries as a natural method of purifying water and air. SmellWell uses activated carbon from bamboo, which contains millions of microstructures. These absorb and neutralize bad odors while absorbing moisture.

Bamboo grows back very quickly and is therefore a sustainable material.

The other ingredients are salts and minerals with hygroscopic properties that allow moisture absorption. All contents comply with the specifications of the European REACH test for the environment and safety.

The entire contents are enclosed in non-woven fabric, which functions like a membrane: on the one hand, the inner components are held together, and on the other hand, the non-woven fabric ensures that moisture is transported from the shoe or sports equipment into the cushions.

SmellWell is most often used in shoes, sports bags or sports equipment. But basically it can be used anywhere where there is a bad smell, such as closets or things that can not be washed in the washing machine.


SmellWell freshener for figure skates


Weight: 250 g
Size: 70 x 35 x 190 mm

Package includes: 1 pair (2 freshener)

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