Pirouette World Edition

Timeless figure skating magazine with interviews, in-depth reports and lots of photos.

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Pirouette World Edition

The „Pirouette World Edition“ is an 80-page figure skating magazine that is published once or twice a year and contains timeless interviews, detailed reports and many remarkable photos. It is a high-quality addition to the german figure skating magazine „Pirouette“ - a collector's item for all those who love figure skating.

The magazine is bilingual, meaning that all texts in the „Pirouette World Edition“ are printed in German and English.


Themen der Ausgabe Nummer 01 2023:

  • Interview: Stéphane Lambiel
  • Story: Charlène Guignard & Marco Fabbri
  • Story: Deanna Stellato & Maxime Deschamps
  • Interview: Lisa Tuktamysheva
  • Photographer’s Pick: Olga Timokhova
  • Story: Kana Muramoto & Daisuke Takahashi
  • Choreographer’s Corner: Adam Solya
  • Behind the Boards: Satomi Ito
  • Special: One Piece on Ice
  • Photographer’s Pick: Raniero Corbelletti
  • Special: Ice Theatre of New York
  • Photographer’s Pick: Robin Ritoss
  • Photographer’s Pick: Hella Höppner
  • Phographer‘s Pick: Joseep Martinsson

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